leaflet by turners estate agents in morden asking homeowners if they would like to discuss the current property market

Are you Concerned About the Increase in Mortage Rates?

4th September 2023
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Turners Marketing Guy wites:  Our latest leaflet campaign recognises the questions that many homeonwers have right now, about mortage rates, property values and conflicting news stories. So we are inviting local residents the opportunity to book an appointment for Turners to come and help you make sense of the local housing market.

While some people may choose to stay put in the current economic climate their will always be those that want to sell, possibly through circumstance, new job location, children changing schools, and sadly divorce and debt may also be a factor in moving house.

All of which deserve a genuine appraisal based on your needs and not on an estate agent just wanting to get your property on the market. 

The news and media will always take on a negaitve slant, that is their want, so it is important for people to understand how that affects the local area. For example prices may well be down across all areas of the country but as pointed out above, there are still plenty of people needing to move house for different reasons irrelevant of what that market is doing and that may well influence the value of your property.

The realiy is no one can tell you what your property is worth until it is on the market and you see if buyers are interested.

But a good estate agent like Turners, won't give you an inflated figure just to please you and get the property listed only to ask you to reduce it by 20k two weeks later. A genuine agent like Turners will show you comparable properties, talk about interest on nearby properties and then base the value on what we know will attract offers. After all if you need to sell why would want to see your property just constantly being reduced on property portals and potential buyers avoiding it thinking you the vendors have been greedy and over priced it?

Of course thats not to say properties should never change in price as the market fluctuates and again what has sold nearby may well affect what offers your property receives. Ultimately all property sells when priced correctly.

So, as the leaflet says, call Turners today on 0208 687 9787 to get an honest, unbiased valuation of your most valuable asset.




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