Selling Your Property

Time to Move?

Maybe it’s time to downsize now that your brood have flown the nest, maybe your family is growing and you need more space, maybe it’s time to find a place of your own, or maybe you want to free up some cash.  Whatever your reason for selling Turners can help you achieve the best price from the best possible buyer in a time frame to suit you.

We understand that people sell their property for different reasons and so our flexible approach means that we can adapt our marketing plan to suit your needs.

So, if you are the decisive, get it sorted face-to-face type vendor then call us now on 0208 687 9787 or book a valuation.  Alternatively, if you prefer to have more facts at your fingertips, read on to find out exactly what services we can provide you and how we differ from other agents to your benefit.


From the minute we are asked to come and value your property our experience and local knowledge begins to pay dividends. It is very likely we have already sold a property on your street or perhaps more importantly, know why a property over the road commanded one price while three doors down was a different story. It’s those little details that can help you get the maximum for your property.

Before visiting your property we will also look at current market trends, compare your property others on the market and consider the time of year and the buyers that are already registered with us.

Each of these elements helps us to give you an accurate and realistic valuation of your property.

Valuation Day

We are proud of being a small team and you will only ever have the manager or director valuing your property. Turners would never send a junior agent, or worse still a trainee! Your property gets our our 100% time and effort.

For you, this means you will always be dealing with staff that know the local area personally and have an insight into the wider property market. Frankly we have the age, wisdom and empathy to understand people’s personal circumstances.

It may be easy to brush aside these soft skills and favour a quick sale for an inflated price but our experience allows us to gauge exactly what price the market will sustain and we qualify all of our applicants.

It’s great when a young gun gets you a super offer from a buyer that seems too good to be true. Use your noggin. It most likely is.


Engaging Our Services

Due to our diligence and preparation we can usually give you an idea of the value of your property there and then. Once again, because you are dealing with senior staff we can also agree fees on the spot.

While we appreciate you may want to take time to think things over and of course have a number of valuations we are never particularly surprised to get a phone call instructing us to sell a property before we have even returned to the office!

We think this is because our simple, direct approach and our one- page, plain-English contract makes instructing Turners easy-peasy.

The result is your property (access and any prior contracts permitting) being brought to market within 24 hours

Marketing & Advertising

We would love to wow you with flashy presentations,  glossy brochures with pictures of happy people handing over keys with numbers like ‘125% uplift’ in circles and tables galore, (yes you know the type we mean!).

To be honest Turners prefer to keep it simple, with facts based on your area not a corporate- whole --of -UK -overview. Instead you will get from us some simple handouts showing you what we have sold nearby and the prices and time scales we achieved.

Likewise our marketing plan is a one-page step by step guide to show you our marketing process. It is an outline, not a contract and so again, because we are an independent company we can tailor this to match your requirements and do at any point during the marketing.

For example-

 A sudden sunny day in what’s been a rainy downcast month? No problem we can dash round and take new photos.

Feel that the property description needs a new emphasis to attract a wider variety of buyer? That’s easy we can do a rewrite same afternoon.

Want to delay marketing, or discreetly market your property while you sort out financial issues? Or want to only conduct viewings at certain times so as not to disturb family life too much? All part of our flexible, tailor-made service.

It is this simple, realistic, honest approach that our customers value over other agencies.

Feedback & Viewings

Every agent promises to give you feed back after every viewing and/or every week. Every agent will notify you of up and coming viewings and of course E very agent must by law inform you of every offer. So where do Turners differ?

We don’t pretend that we do differ. Well, sort of. What we don’t do is give you false hopes and promises. We will tell you if the applicant didn’t like the property and if we hear the same critique over and over then we will also advise you how to overcome it.

Similarly, we don’t bring round buyers that are not qualified and will never be able to afford your property just to bump up our viewing figures. Nor will we pretend there are offers on the table to buyers to try and bump up the price.

That may all sound fairly negative. But some agents do it. We don’t. This is our bread and butter and over the years by taking an honest, straight-forward approach our reputation is cemented as ‘one of the decent agents’ in the area and so by dealing with us our buyers and vendors know they are not going to be messed about with mythical offers and vanishing prospects!

Our reputation is as ‘one of the decent agents’ in the area. 

The Sales Process

Selling property is fun; the tricky part can be in the conveyancing.  That is why you will still be dealing with the same senior member of staff all the way the through the sales process.

We can recommend solicitors, not because we are on commission, but because we know they are good at getting local searches back promptly and that like us being a small team we will know exactly who we are dealing with.

Occasionally things can go wrong and things may appear in a survey that no one was expecting. A young agent may not know what to do. Our soft skills once again benefit you because we will have dealt with such matters before.

Ultimately we are as keen as you for a sale to happen but only on the grounds that everyone is happy. After all, when mortgage lenders, solicitors, agents in a chain, surveyors all have a part to play in the sales process one can begin to see why choosing a well-established, independent agent may be one of the best decisions you ever made…

So what are you waiting for? 0208 687 9787 / Value My Property

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