Valuing Your Home

We know that intelligent vendors like you will have done their homework.

House price information is readily available and some people may even wonder why they should use an estate agent to sell their home at all!

Well that’s fair enough and we wish those vendors best of luck.

Except, just before you click away, are you sure your research has answered all of the questions below? 

  • My property is perfect for first time buyers, yet they seem to be struggling to get a mortgage offer on it why is that?
  • Why did the property down the road go on the market for more than mine property was valued?
  • Obviously my house is the best in the street hence its premium price surely any buyer looking on the internet will know that?
  • Your research has shown you that a number of property sales has fallen through, but does your research tell you why?
  • I need to find a property to offer on first so there’s no point putting mine of the market yet is there?

Quite often it is the niggling details, the emotional reasoning and third party haggling that can cause the delay in selling a property, cause a sale to fall through or cause your move to become a stressful, tearful journey. None of which any figures online will reveal to you!

Instead it is the professionalism, longevity, local knowledge and experience that a local agent like Turners Estate Agents provides that helps a sale or letting run smoothly and ensures that you get the best price from the best buyer for your property.

So if you have any doubts, questions unanswered or a gap in your online research then why not call us on 0208 687 9787 and get a professional valuation today. After all, your most costly investment warrants more than 5 minutes online research doesn’t it?

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