Morden Regeneration Plans

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Making More of Morden

Redeveloping and making more of Morden Town Centre has been on the cards for years, literally, as draft documents go back as far as 2008! Unfortunately recession meant that the plans could not go ahead. However one key document from that time helps Morden Residents understand the aims of the regeneration.

Merton Council's More Morden Draft Vision Booklet







Morden Regeneration Newsletters

The Future Merton team are responsible for overseeing the regeneration of Morden Town Centre. They publish occasional newsletters with updates on the progress. Click on the image to read the newsletters in full. (opens in new window) Alternative you can visit the source page of these documents from the Merton Council website.

Future Merton's Morden Regeneration Newsletter Jan 2017

Future Merton's Morden Regeneration Newsletter Sept 2016

Future Merton's Morden Regeneration Newsletter March 2015







Merton & Morden Regeneration: Planning & Strategy

Deciding where, how and what to redevelop in Morden has been years in the planning and is of course part of a much larger view of the future of Merton. There are many detialed documents around this planning strategy available on Merton Council website across lots of page including: Local Plan | Sites & Policies | Environment & Regeneration        or once again, Turners Property have checked out the key documents for you: 

Map of Morden boundary aerial photo

Merton Council's Core Planning Strategy Document 2011Sites for redevelopment in Morden PDF Document







Morden Station 

The regeneration of Morden is very much centred around Morden Underground Station. Needless to say there are once again lots of very indepth documents and consultations around this which can be found on Morden Station Planning Brief pages or click on the image below for the adopted consultation document.

Morden Station planning brief document adopted 2014







Consultation & Feedback

Throughout the regeneration process Morden residents will be consulted and already Merton Council and the Future Merton team have sought the views of local people. Of course consultation can only be as in-depth as the responses it receives and so if you want to have your say then make sure you check the Merton Council website for updates. The current responses and feedback can be seen here and via the documents below:

 Consultation Document of Morden Resident's about town centre






Understanding Morden

Digging a bit deeper into the research behind the Morden regeneration it interesting to read about different neighbourhoods in Morden and their individual characteristics. Likewise a map published by Merton Council, shows who owns the freehold land in Morden's town centre:

Link to document about Morden's individual neighbourhoods

Morden Freehold Map







Future Merton

While the team behind the planning and strategy of Morden regeneration is called Future Merton, there is, to add to the confusion, a separate website called, you guessed it, Future Merton This website has been designed to attract major developers and investors to consider backing the regeneration plans in Merton. They also publish updates and a newsletter which you can view by clicking on the image below:

Link to the Future Merton website












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